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High Noon is a tactical combat board game set in a fictional Wild West universe.


Take control of your posse as they look to seize the day with the most gold at the end of 12 rounds, or as the last posse standing.

Pick Your Posse!


"This game is pure, unbridled FUN!"

Richard Launius (Arkham Horror)

What Players Are Saying

"For fans of tactical gameplay, deck-builders and western themed games, High Noon is a great

choice." - Brian Hostetler (Unfiltered Gamer)


"...a game that really focuses on tactical combat, can be picked up and played by just about anyone, has a great western theme, and is GeekDad Approved." - Michael Knight (GeekDad)


"The gameplay is smooth, the strategy ever-changing, and the concept and rules are fairly simple to learn and teach. High Noon definitely gets some high marks from me!" - Laura Rodriguez (Purple Phoenix Games)

High Noon ups the ante on tabletop board gaming by combining the abstract strategy of Chess with all the Ace High chutzpah of a Poker table, thematically wrapped in the thrilling grit and gun-smoke of the Wild West.

High Noon Box.png
Box Art Mockup v4 Small.png

Learn more about the exciting posses of High Noon!

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The ever-expanding Universe of High Noon provides a variety of colorful posses and characters, each with their own unique playstyles to fit any player's preference.

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Expansion Cards 1.png
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Try Before You Buy!

Did you know High Noon has been available to the public to play for free for over a year? Our exclusive partnership with Tabletopia has allowed thousands of gamers just like you to get their feet dusty as they try their hand at High Noon.


Learn to Play

Learn the basics of how to play High Noon by reading the rulebook here!

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