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Isaiah is the son of an affluent family owning sawmills across the state of Texas. At an early age, Isaiah’s family moved to Plano, where he spent the majority of his childhood at the Gates Estate.


Longing to see the world but wanting to honor his father’s demands of higher education, Isaiah left the Americas to study Law at the University of Siena. Isaiah graduated with honors, intent to become a successful attorney back in Texas, but those plans changed when he met a woman in Sicily, fell in love, married and fathered a daughter. Unwilling to uproot their family from Italy, Isaiah abandoned his career dreams to manage his in-law’s grape vineyards for their family wine business.


In 1899, Isaiah’s life was turned upside down when the Sicilian mafia – while shaking down the vineyards – set off a chain of events that resulted in the violent murder of Isaiah’s then-pregnant wife and daughter. Blind with vengeance and grief, Isaiah spent the following 2 years on a personal war with the Sicilian mafia, uncovering a web of corruption deep into the city government and ending in a violent showdown that left several government officials and Mafia captains dead and Isaiah sailing back to America.


Once stateside, Isaiah witnessed the same cartel-related corruption he vowed to end in Sicily now ripe in abundance on his own shores. Realizing the criminal enterprise was a cancer he couldn’t stop, Isaiah turned his eyes westward, settling down in Iron County, and took the star as a lawman of the great State of Saratoga.

William Garrett

Little is known about the small town Sheriff of Sweetwater Gulch, where he came from or how he came to be the resident lawman.


Some say he rode into town with the star on his vest and shot dead the only man brave enough to challenge it.


Since then, Sheriff Garrett runs a tight town with the law followed to the strictest code, earning Sweetwater the reputation as "the most peaceful town in Saratoga."

Isaiah Gates

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