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Quentin LeRoy

With the death of their father at an early age, Quentin grew to be a man without a childhood. Eventually, the pressure of raising his father’s family grew too much and Quentin took his things and a horse out West to escape his own life and start over.


Once his small savings dried up, Quentin resolved to oddball jobs to cover his head, eventually falling into a small band of cattle ranch hands who formed a gunslinging gang to avenge one of their own in a corporate rivalry.


During this time, Quentin not only honed his skill with a pistol but also discovered his thirst for chaos, which he defined in his own mind as “a brutal but necessary justice in this manufactured world of artificial civility.”


With their brother avenged, Quentin’s gang of regulators fulfilled their purpose, but Quentin had unearthed his own. Gathering up what few members were willing to keep on, Quentin formed a new gang under his own name and – using his own brother’s dying wife as motivation – even recruited James into the LeRoy Gang to continue his divine work of keeping a lying civilization honest by reminding it just how violent it can be, while keeping his gang together with the promise of “one big score to settle it all.”


James LeRoy

James is the younger brother of the LeRoy family. His wife has fallen ill and modern medicine has failed to curb her symptoms, which only seem to get worse. Diligently holding on to a childhood love, James will stop at nothing to bring his dearly betrothed away from death’s door.


But, as each treatment claimed a piece of their ranch estate, James became more and more desperate. So, when his older brother came to him with a plan to raise the money necessary for experimental treatments through a series of low-risk heists, James reluctantly agreed.


Unfortunately, each heist bears fewer fruit, while steadily increasing in risk, James struggles with his morality, his trust in his own brother and his faith in their ability to save his dying wife.

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